25 Jun 2009

Ok. Where is she?

There! Look at me! Forget about that food.
I´ve had it. Women!
A happy and free peafowl. - yrsa -
For ecological views, check Think Green Thursday meme.


Louise said...

Beautiful photos, but your commentary makes them even better!

maryt/theteach said...

some excellent photos of peacocks and peahens! Great post for TGT! :)

Think Green Thursday said...

LOL...That is a really beautiful display and should have turned that female right around. Thank you for participating in Think Green Thursday...Michelle of rambling woods.

Maria said...

Very nice pictures, and a funny story :)
Thanks for sharing!

Yrsa said...

Thank you for commenting. I´m looking forward to much "greener" thursday posts in the future giving some additional meaning to this blog.