30 Apr 2009

A sunny day today. -yrsa-

29 Apr 2009

SPRING! Southern Sweden this time. -yrsa-

26 Apr 2009

Techno Finland entering a new spring. -yrsa-

25 Apr 2009

Nature´s slowly waking up. -yrsa-

24 Apr 2009

Only the sky as limit. A beautiful morning today.

17 Apr 2009

The sky above us. -yrsa-

15 Apr 2009

Shimmering wednesday. Norway. -yrsa-

14 Apr 2009

Ruby accents. Norway. -yrsa-

13 Apr 2009

I seem to end up taking the same pic over and over again: drawn to the play of light and layers. Norway. -yrsa-

8 Apr 2009

Not so fortunate but still - picturesque.
Norway. -yrsa-

7 Apr 2009

Ruby views. Norway. -yrsa-

5 Apr 2009

Window shopping.
Norway. -yrsa-

4 Apr 2009

Here at home the snow is still melting. Otaniemi, Espoo. TKK main building designed by Alvar Aalto. - yrsa-

3 Apr 2009

Sunny Norwegian skies. -yrsa-

2 Apr 2009

Hanging by a thread (or rope).
Norway. -yrsa-

1 Apr 2009

I do envy that clear sky and crystal clear water of Norway. - yrsa-