30 Nov 2007

In the field.

29 Nov 2007

Where did all the bikers go?

28 Nov 2007

Could I keep company?

27 Nov 2007

The one that got away.

26 Nov 2007

The beauty of a sunny day.

25 Nov 2007

Yard in serious need of raking.

24 Nov 2007

I wish there would be another one with me...

23 Nov 2007


22 Nov 2007

Shallow waters. A light and temporary layer of ice.

21 Nov 2007

Sunny afternoon.

20 Nov 2007

Misty woods. (Couldn´t resist the temptation of another foggy pic.)

19 Nov 2007

Drama queen.

18 Nov 2007

Taken at 3pm yesterday. Sun sets too soon.

17 Nov 2007

Weeds in the ditch glow in the morning sun.

16 Nov 2007

In "broad daylight". Haukilahti, Espoo.

15 Nov 2007

View from a bus-stop: Yesterday´s sunset.

14 Nov 2007

The rising sun.

13 Nov 2007

In between.

12 Nov 2007

Surprised by snow.

11 Nov 2007

Same flower with and without snow, because we couldn´t decide which one.

10 Nov 2007

Wet, wet and wet. Yet another dark and rainy morning.

9 Nov 2007

The total opposite of the actual weather outside at the moment:
A sunny Siberian Larch, Larix sibirica, about to loose its needles.

Check this page by the Finnish Meteorological Institute for today´s weather. One picture says more than a thousand words...

8 Nov 2007

Bridge to a new better day.

Today no picture feels enough. In memoriam.

7 Nov 2007

Warmth of sun. The weather outside is so depressive that there is need for this picture taken a few days back.

6 Nov 2007

Frozen. Yesterday we had a beautiful cold winterlike morning with about -7-9 degrees celsius.

5 Nov 2007

And then it disappeared again in the afternoon sun ....

4 Nov 2007

A path in the grass covered with first snow. The beginning of the long walk through winter.

3 Nov 2007

Young swans blending into background.

2 Nov 2007

A cold morning today and yet several more to come...

1 Nov 2007

Before the dark sets in.