12 Dec 2007

Moments flashing by.


Dyaus Spes said...

The lake is calm... the clouds are gray... reflections of lake looks like beauty in tray. Awe-inspiring. :)

Mika said...

These pictures are illustrating beautifully, but also alarmingly, how the climate change will affect southern Finland's winters; no ice and no snow evermore often and longer periods of time. For the second December in the row this is allready a reality and a taster what will come.

chrome3d said...

Looks great! But...yes, these could have been taken at any time of the year.

Yrsa said...

Thankyou for comments and activity :)!

Dyaus: Actually this is the sea outside the Helsinki area. Even here there is some archipelago with islands that may look like coastline :) One of the main highways into Helsinki is behind the camera at a distance of less than 50 metres.

Mika: I think there are also some positive sides to the iceless periods - now you can reach the archipelago even in winter safely by boat. Ecologically speaking, I´m sure iceless winters will affect and develop our environment in new directions.

And C3d: I do think the darkness, position of the sun and state of vegetation varies during the year to such an extent that these variables place this picture into the correct time of the year despite the lack of ice.

Yrsa said...

And now I notice that the pics inspired our reader Dyaus to poetry :)

Dyaus Spes said...


Yep it did. :) I am not poet at all but it really inspired me to write a story. May be this weekend it would be posted.


Alarming it is... but the global warming is not only affecting north or south pole of globe, it can be seen everywhere. Am afraid that this climate shifting may lead to greatest natural disaster.

Mika said...

Yrsa and Dyaus Spes,

I'm thinking the global warming to be surely disasterous in some unknown degree, but I also think, that a change must be considered also as a possibility to find positive things from it. Not all outcome is bad, but of course some areas will suffer more than the others and some may benefit more than the others.

To me snowless winter conditions can also be beautifull and pleasent, like in these pictures. It's a question of attitude; winter isn't all about snow and ice. But I do like snow too :)